The dismantling of the national brigade of the judicial police (BNPJ) of an international drug trafficking network that has links with individuals from the Tindouf camps reveals that "drug trafficking is among many other illegal activities in the Tindouf camps, under the polisario control," former US diplomat, Robert Holley, told MAP on Friday.


"First of all I want to say that I'm not surprised by the arrest of drug traffickers affiliated to the polisario," the US official said.


This kind of trafficking “is nearly inevitable when you have thousands of young men confined to camps for decades without end and with no other way to make a life for themselves and their families and who are victims of the personal ambitions of a group of corrupt and corrupting political leaders,” he stressed.


“Those camps around Tindouf are a private Polisario fiefdom run by lawless men for lawless purposes,” Holley lamented, adding that “one of these days, sooner or later, those camps are going to explode in some serious violence and no one should be surprised when it happens.”


“It is a continuing pity that the international community seems so disinterested in trying to resolve this ticking time bomb, as Ban ki Moon once called it,” the US official said.


Holley stressed the fact “the solution is there for the taking, but I fear it will not happen until something uglier than more drug trafficking makes people finally give this problem the attention it deserves.”


The BNPJ on Thursday opened an investigation following the dismantling of an international drug trafficking network with links to people from Tindouf camps. 


According to the first elements of the investigation, members of the Royal Armed Forces, deployed along the security wall 280 km southeast of the southern city of Boujdour, managed, after firing warning shots, to foil a smuggling operation of a large amount of drugs, national police pointed out in a statement, adding that this operation has led to the arrest of four people and the seizure of nearly 500 kg of chira (cannabis resin).


The investigations point out that the defendants are from Tindouf camps and have ties with the "Polisario", including Majidi Ida Ibrahim Hamim, son of Ida Ibrahim Hamim, former wali of so called "Es-Smara" camp in Tindouf and current so-called "Development Minister" of the ghostly SADR, the statement added.