El Otmani : Non recognition by majority of African countries of the 'SADR' urges AU to correct historical error

Currently, it is an anachronistic situation which does not exist in any other international of regional organization, the minister told on Wednesday Attajdid newspaper. 


The latest events in northern Mali, following the separatist project of establishing a state in the Azawad region, made several hostile countries take contradictory positions by opposing separatism in the Tuareg region and defending it in the Moroccan Sahara, El Otmani said, adding that these double standards, which run counter reason and international law, cost these states their credibility. 


Concerning the results of the latest African Union summit in Addis Ababa, the official described them as positive in many areas thanks to the Moroccan diplomacy's efforts which made many friendly countries of Morocco defend the Kingdom against maneuvers by the separatists. 


The Summit's resolution, which underlines that the solution must be reached within the framework of UNSC resolutions, is itself a diplomatic triumph for Morocco and a bitter failure for separatists, he added.