Embarrassing Video Incriminates the Polisario, Shows Other Side of the Coin

In a video posted by Laayoune TV channel on YouTube Friday, the members of the movement, against the leadership of Polisario, talked about the miserable conditions and the suffering of the Sahrawi in the Tindouf camps.

Even if international NGOs and the United Nations consider people inside the camps “refugees”, they in no way have the rights afforded to them by this status, in accordance with the Geneva Convention of 1951.

“Everybody consider us refuges, but in reality we are under the oppression of Polisario leaders. We can neither move nor express our opinions freely,” said a young Sahrawi, who covered his face in fear of being recognized and punished by the Polisario leadership.

“The population has been and is still suffering and waiting for forty years. Our children have been raised here, and the world has changed around us, but we still live under the same conditions,” the young man added.
The “UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is responsible to find a solution for these people who live in this dusty and hot place,” he noted.

The young Sahrawi, who introduced himself as a graduate student, said that employments in the camps are given only to the sons of the leaders of the front and their relatives or friends.

“After I have graduated, I came here in search for a job, but in vain. I tried to do a commercial activity, but, again, the Polisario leadership was blocking me.”

In these inhumane conditions, the population of the camps lives under the tyranny of the oppressive leaders of Polisario with the hope of settling the issue and having the right to return to their homeland.

“My children keep asking me why we are staying here away from our home country, but, unfortunately, I have no convincing answer”

Last January, a wave of protests broke out in most of the camps in Tindouf, in which young Saharawis demanded the exercise of their inalienable rights, namely the right to freedom of expression and movement and the right to having a decent work.

In December 2013, waves of protests shook the refugee camps charging the Polisario chiefs with the embezzling of fuel destined for the camps.