EU Parliament’s Report on Human Rights ‘Deals Blow’ to Polisario

After the aid embezzlement scandal revealed by the European Union’s anti-fraud Office OLAF, the European Parliament has adopted on Thursday a new report, which analysts see as “new blow” to Algeria and the Polisario Front.

The European Parliament has adopted the Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the world. The report, which was approved by 390 votes to 151 with 97 abstentions, hailed Morocco’s efforts in promoting human rights and rejected amendments introduced by the opponents of Morocco to extend the mandate of the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (Minurso) to include human rights monitoring mechanism.

The report, authored by socialist Italian MP Pier Antonio Panzeri, expressed support for Morocco in its efforts to consolidate human rights in the country. This is also the first time that the southern provinces of Morocco are not textually mentioned in the Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World.

“It is absolutely essential that our societies evolve in the full respect of individual rights. The annual report on human rights is an important evaluation instrument that Parliament uses and it is a basis for defending the right of every individual to be part of humanity” said the author of the report, Antonio Panzeri.

Another report by the EU’s anti-fraud Office (OLAF) has revealed “well-organized, year’s long” embezzlement by the Polisario Front of humanitarian aid designated for Sahrawi refugees in the Polisario-run camps in Tindouf, Algeria.

The OLAF report, conducted in 2007 and disclosed recently, slams Algeria and the Polisario for embezzling humanitarian aid for decades to the detriment of the Sahrawis living in the Tindouf camps. Following the release of these findings, the European Union has decided to “drastically” reduce the 10 million Euros humanitarian aid allocated to the Tindouf camps.