The European Parliament adopted on Thursday a resolution that is in favor of Morocco with regards to the situation of human rights in the North African country.

The resolution, which will be submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, refrains from expressing any concerns on the situation of human rights in Morocco, including in the Western Sahara.

Adopted by 335 votes in favor, 230 against and 95 abstentions, the resolution of “compromise,” did not include any call on the United Nations to expand the mandate of the United Nations Mission for the Organization of a Referendum in the Western Sahara (MINURSO) to include the monitoring of human rights in the territory.

The resolution did not include Morocco among the “priorities and concerns” that the European Parliament presents to the Council on Human Rights every year in Geneva.

Analysts says this new resolution “deals a new blow” to the Polisario. Like in previous years, a number of European MPs sympathetic to the position of the Polisario on the conflict of Western Sahara, introduced an amendment calling for the expansion of the mandate of MINURSO to include the monitoring of human rights.

This is the second year on a row that the European Parliament rejects the amendments introduced by the Morocco’s adversaries to extend MINURSO’s mandate.

In October 2015, Morocco’s permanent representative at the United Nations, Ambassador Omar Hilale, highlighted the role played by the regional commissions of the National Human Rights Council (NHRC) in Western Sahara, in southern Morocco.

Ambassador Hilale said that the creation of 13 regional NHRC commissions across the country, protect human rights and promote democracy, revealing that Morocco’s measures were hailed by the Security Council.

“As ambassador of Morocco, a country that has always aligned itself with the defenders of Human Rights and in my quality as the president of the third Commission, I shall spare no efforts in enhancing the role of the (HRNI) in the UN system,” Ambassador Hilale said at the 70th UN General Assembly.