Victimes de Gdeim Izik

The Association of Families and Friends of Gdim Izik's Victims expressed, in a message to UNSG Antonio Guterres, their astonishment at the motives of including their case in the UN-brokered Sahara issue.

In a message, in response to the UN report on the situation in the Sahara, which devoted some paragraphs to the detainees of Gdim Izik, the association said: "We express our astonishment at the motives of including our case in the Sahara issue, which is brokered by the United Nations. On the contrary, our case has a legal aspect since it concerns people sued for committing acts that are incriminated by the international law and national laws."


"We deem that this paragraph of the report lacked balance, was in favour of one party to the detriment of the other, which deprived it, in our opinion, of the credibility and honesty that should guide the UN's dealing with the various conflicts and issues," the message stressed.


The description of Gdim Izik detainees as activists by this report "is in no way compatible with their legal status in the case since they have been sentenced for committing criminal acts, all the more so because it may suggest that the Secretary-General adheres to the Polisario's point of view and press releases," the association noted.


According to the same source, "this description calls into question the neutrality of the report since this is a political description that the Secretary General should not have adopted or used".


"The report ignored the victims of Gdim Izik camp. These are our sons whom the said criminals killed and urinated on in a flagrant violation of the United Nations Charter and the various international human rights instruments. Our sons have suffered these barbaric acts as they tried to dismantle the camp in a peaceful way under the law," said the association, adding that the report "cited the Polisario correspondences and failed, to our great astonishment, to mention ours".