Living conditions in Tindouf Camps are increasingly deteriorating, and the Sahara people’s lives are increasingly at risk.

According to the official website of the Forum for the Support of Sahrawi Autonomists (FORSATIN), nine members of a Sahrawi family lost their lives after a fire erupted in their tent in one of the Tindouf camps controlled by the Polisario in Algeria.


Ahl Najem is said to be the name of the family whose nine members lost their lives in the tragic incident. A 5-year-old child and a baby were reportedly among the victims.


According to the same source, all Sahrawi people believe that the fire was caused by elements from the Polisario to punish the family for having escaped from Tindouf Camps previously.


The Polisario would not tolerate the Ahl Najem’s escape from the camps and saw in this tragic incident the proper punishment for them.


According to FORSATIN, Polisario leader Mohamed Abdelaziz sought to “intimidate”the Sahrawi residents in the Tindouf Camps through the punishment of the Ahl Najem family.


Fatima Ment Najem, the sole survivor from the Ahl Najem family, is currently in a hospital in Mauritania. Her testimony after her recovery is deemed crucial, as it will reveal key facts about the incident.


Before the tragic incident took place, the Ahl Najmi family spent their last night near the Mauritanian border. The family had intended to continue their way towards Zeourate in Mauritania.


However, this tragic incident was not the only one that took place recently in the Tindouf Camps. Two other Sahrawi people lost their lives not long before the Ahl Najmi tragedy.


The two victims were shot dead by Algerian soldiers after they had attempted to cross the borders separating Algeria and Mauritania.