Le Figaro: Dakhla, ‘a paradise for surfers and desert lovers’

Le Figaro: Dakhla, ‘a paradise for surfers and desert lovers’

The water sports made Dakhla, a southern Moroccan city, a “successful tourist destination,” which became not only “a paradise for surfers but also a destination for lovers of the desert,” said the French newspaper “Le Figaro” on Wednesday.

In an article entitled “A Dakhla, l’Atlantique rencontre le Sahara” (in Dakhla, the Atlantic meets the Sahara) and dedicated to the tourist attractions of the Moroccan city, the newspaper notes that this resort “enjoys an exceptional location, adding to the pleasures of the desert those of the ocean “.

The article focuses on the charming white dune, pristine elevation patiently carved by the winds.

“From the summit, we admire the meeting of the desert with the Atlantic, a kind of majestic battle between two infinities, gray and blue westward and ochre eastward,” the magazine said.

In addition to the beauty of the city, Le Figaro evokes tourism projects in progress, which will ensure a comfortable stay for ll the tourists.

Dakhla is one of country’s most attractive venues for wave riders, because it offers ideal conditions for surfers and beach lovers.

With water at 25° C throughout the year, Dakhla is an essential destination and a haven for surfer and water sports enthusiasts.