Sahara: le Maroc prêt à défendre jusqu'au bout ses acquis contre les risques menaçant ses intérêts stratégiques (Mezouar)

Rabat - Morocco is ready to defend until the end its achievements against risks threatening its strategic interests, said, Thursday in Rabat, Foreign minister Salaheddine Mezouar.

Surveying the latest developments of the cause of the Moroccan Sahara during a joint meeting of the committee of foreign affairs, national defense, endowment and Islamic affairs, and Moroccan expatriates at the lower house, and the committee of foreign affairs, borders, occupied zones and national defense at the house of advisors, Mezouar said that over the past two decades, especially after submitting the autonomy initiative, Morocco amassed important diplomatic achievements at the governmental level and at the level of governmental international organizations.

This situation prompted Algeria to resort to non-governmental players (Parliament, the media and civil society), to focus on matters such as human rights and natural resources and to play the role of the victim by using new/old techniques such as demonstrations and mobilizations of friendly associations, noting that Morocco is very aware of this strategy and faces these maneuvers with the required firmness. Mezouar said in this regard that the Kingdom has a clear and well defined parallel and anticipatory strategy, adding that the Moroccan Sahara is the cause of all Moroccans and each Moroccan is affected by its developments, in accordance with the last royal speeches and the mobilization behind His Majesty King Mohammed VI, symbol of national sovereignty and guarantor of territorial integrity.