Foreign Policy Research Institute Hails Morocco’s Counter-Terrorism Role In Sahel

Morocco acted with vision and boldness regarding its counter-terrorism strategy in the Sahel, wrote on FridayUS think tank Foreign Policy Research Institute.

“The Moroccan king saw a chance to partner with the new French leader and forge a regional alliance to defeat the Islamists in Mali and contain the contagion of radical Islam. This is a major reversal.

Morocco emerged to lead an African-French coalition against Jihadists in Mali,” said the body in an article entitled “Morocco, Counter-Terrorism, and the US-Africa Summit.”

“That requires a broad strategy, encompassing intelligence and military operations, economics and, most controversially, religion. The regional intelligence sharing partnership, the “Rabat Declaration,” is now underway,” said author Ahmed Charai.

Morocco has also launched initiatives to boost trade and investment across the region.

Morocco’s Attijariwafa Bank, which recently acquired a majority stake in Mali’s Banque Internationale, has innovative approach to emerging market banking, it said, noting that the Office Cherifien des Phosphates (OCP), the Moroccan phosphates company, increased mining operations in Mali.

“These investments are creating economic growth, which should also minimize the appeal of radical Islam,” the article underlined.