Former US diplomat Robert Holley slammed the “dangerous” verbal blunders of UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon during his tour in the region, stressing that they go beyond UN Security Council resolutions and recommendations.


“I am deeply shocked by the use of ‘occupation’ to describe Morocco’s recovery of its territorial integrity,” the expert in the region said, adding that “this is not the kind of discourse we expect from UN Secretary General who should be familiar enough with the ins and outs of this conflict to avoid resorting to such prejudicial and inflammatory discourse.”


“I wish this is only a slip of the tongue as no other United Nations official had ever used this kind of biased language on the Sahara issue,” he underlined.


“It seems to me unbelievable that Ban delivers such remarks which could only further complicate efforts to reach consensual political solution which UN Security Council has been calling for for a long time,” he pointed out.