France reiterated on Wednesday its support to Morocco’s autonomy plan in the Sahara. 


“For France, the autonomy plan submitted by Morocco in 2007 represents a serious and credible basis for a negotiated solution” to the Sahara issue, French Foreign Ministry spokesperson Romain Nadal told the press.


“France’s position regarding the Saraha is well known and has never changed,” Romain said, stressing that Paris supports “a just, sustainable and mutually accepted solution under the auspices of the United Nations.”


He added that his country supports UN mediation regarding the Sahara issue.


Morocco has strongly condemned on Tuesday the comments made by the UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon on the Sahara issue.


Morocco’s government has noted with great surprise “the verbal excesses, the accomplished facts and unjustified complacency of the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during his recent visit to the region,” the Kingdom’s government said in a statement on Tuesday.


Rabat said that the UN chief has lost his neutrality by adopting the thesis of the and Algeria Polisario and using their terminology when referring to the conflict.


The kingdom of Morocco has noticed, regarding the visit and the content of the comments made, that the UN Secretary General “has dropped his neutrality, objectivity and impartiality and showed a guilty indulgence with a puppet state without attributes, territory, population nor a recognized flag.”


Morocco “notes with amazement that the Secretary General used the word ‘occupation’ to describe the recovery by Morocco of its territorial integrity which departs drastically from the terminology traditionally used by the United Nations on the Moroccan Sahara,” the statement added