Gabon 'Praises, Encourages' Moroccan Autonomy Initiative

Gabon "encouraged and praised", here Monday, the Moroccan autonomy plan, as a "compromise", "serious" and "credible" initiative that would reach a final solution to the Sahara dispute.

Gabon "praises and encourages the Moroccan autonomy initiative which offers, in our opinion, credible prospects that would not only end the current impasse, but also reach a final agreement. A compromise Initiative, recognized since 2007 by the Security Council, as serious and credible", Marianne Bibalou, Ambassador, Deputy Permanent Representative of Gabon to the United Nations, said before the UN General Assembly's Fourth Committee.

Gabon "praises the measures taken by Morocco in the fields of human rights within the framework of the political process in the Sahara, as well as all political, economic and social initiatives undertaken in the region," the ambassador said before the 193 UN member states.