Gdeim Izik: For the families of the accused, it was an "epic"!

Under the emblem "The families of the martyrs of the epic Gdeim Izik require the opening of a fair investigation into the killing of their children," took place on Thursday morning, a press conference Sahrawi families who died during the events of Gdeim Izik and those held in this case, and in the headquarters of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights. 

 The memory of the victims of the events of Gdeim Izik does not appear to have value for the families of defendants who continue to undermine the forces  who cowardly assassinated at these events, those beings whose call of duty to their country was more sacred than life sacrificed on the altar of duty.

Thus, following the signs mocking the 24 accused sent to 11 families of victims slain, their bodies mutilated and brutally contaminated by the urine of their murderers, that the families of these defendants attack in Morocco and say "victims of persecution since 1975, "saying that" it is the Moroccan authorities who attacked and killed the Moroccan Sahrawi Gdeim Izik possessed weapons because unlike Saharawi weapons, "said Fatima Dahouar, coordination Gdeim Izik and families of prisoners , reported by the site Hespress. 

 The families of the accused speak out of violence forces . These  remarks are quite absurd because the elements of Royal moroccan Police and Auxiliary Forces were aimed at arresting  outlawed elements  without the use of lethal force, precisely to avoid the "butchery" desired by the rebels who showed fierce resistance (Molotov cocktails, knives ...). 

The demonstrations were, thereafter, transferred by groups in some areas of Laayoune where buildings and public property were burned. The Law Enforcement opposed these acts without firing a single bullet. 

Forces of order were found, therefore, in a situation of self-defense, which explains the painful casualties recorded in their ranks. 

Foreign hands are apparently still trying to orchestrate the "masquerade", hoping to conceal and disguise the horror of the killers 'victims' .. forgetting, perhaps, that pictures and videos of events prove the darkness felt towards the police and Morocco from these few "pawns" who speak on behalf of the Sahrawi. 

For its part, Khadija Riyadi, president of the AMDH, which hosted the families of the accused, also provides host families of the victims .. even if this "priority" given to families of the accused could not have good response on the families of victims, battered by losses, and now with "Masquerade"! 

Moreover, the controversy between the use of military courts vs. a civil court has no reason to be since the Dahir of 1956 on the powers of the Military Tribunal states that "persons, whatever their quality, authors an act committed against members of the FAR, "must be brought before a military court." (Article 7 of the Code of Military Justice). The judgments of the International Military Tribunal can be challenged by way of appeal before the Supreme Court.