Gdim Izik Trial: International Observer Praises ‘Serene’ Arguments of Civil Parties

The arguments of the civil parties in the Gdim Izik trial are taking place in normal and calm conditions, Sophie Michez, international observer and attorney at the Brussels Bar, said.


"Since Tuesday, we have been following the arguments of the various civil parties. There was no incident and everything has been taking place in normal and serene conditions", Michez told MAP on the sidelines of this trial brought before the Criminal Chamber of Salé appellate court.


She pointed out that the civil parties have invoked with great emotion the victims of Gdim Izik acts, noting that the trial was carried out in accordance with the principles of a fair trial.


“There is great respect from civil party lawyers and defense lawyers. Everyone listens carefully and sometimes with emotion to the various arguments of the civil parties”, the lawyer stressed.


She added that there was no incident and the “trial, which was sometimes a little emotional, resumed on a good basis ".