Hervé Ladsous

Sixteen hundred Moroccan soldiers are taking part in a significant African military operation under the auspices of the U.N. to cope with terrorism threats in the region.

The Assistant General Secretary of the UNO Hervé Ladsous hailed Morocco’s contributions to the UN operations in Africa, where about 1,600 Moroccan Blue Berets are deployed, primarily in Ivory Coast and the Congo in order to address the threat of Al-Qaeda. .

According to Akhbar Alyaoum, Hervé Ladsous said Thursday that ”I have to say that every time I was in one of these missions, I was eager to meet the Moroccan contingents to show them our recognition of the very good job they do.”

According to the same source, Ladsous also praised Morocco’s commitment in the Central African Republic, explaining that the Kingdom “agreed to quickly deploy a military team and make it at the disposal of the United Nations mission, which is still a political mission but will possibly become a peacekeeping mission”.