Morocco’s ambassador to the United Nations Organization, Omar Hilale, reaffirmed on Wednesday at the Security Council that Morocco’s commitment to peacekeeping operations stems from a ”constant will” to sustain international peace and collective security.

“My country’s attachment to international peace is a constant principle that has never been rescinded, since the country’s independence,” said Morocco’s permanent delegate to the UN during a Security Council debate on “UN peacekeeping operations: New tendencies.”

This commitment “reflects a permanent will to sustain the concepts of collective security and international peace underlying the existence of this Organization,” the Moroccan diplomat said during the session, sponsored by Russia, which is holding the Security Council’s rotating chairmanship.

Morocco has taken part for over half a century with more than 60,000 peacekeeping agents worldwide, he said. He urged the setting of “realistic mandates for the UN peacekeeping operations, establishing triangular cooperation between the UN Secretariat, contributing countries, and the executive organization, and for drafting crisis-settlement strategies supported by measures for lasting development.”

Hilale added that all must continue to respect the basic principles governing United Nations peacekeeping operations, including impartiality, non-use of force, respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each country involved and non-involvement in the internal affairs of States. He said that the use of new technologies should be given further consideration pending consensus on all aspects of their use.