HM the King - Unless Algeria Is Held Accountable, There Would Be No Solution to the Sahara Issue

HM King Mohammed VI stressed this Thursday that there would be no solution to the Sahara issue, unless Algeria is held accountable, voicing strong refusal of "favoring the real party concerned in this conflict and allowing it to evade its responsibilities".

In a speech delivered this Thursday on the 39th anniversary of the Green march, the Sovereign said there will be no stability in the region "without a responsible approach to the tense security situation in the region."

"Unless Algeria - the main party in this conflict - is held accountable, there will be no solution. Moreover, without a responsible approach to the tense security situation in the region, there will be no stability", insisted the Sovereign who also pointed out "this is not intended to offend Algeria, its leadership or the Algerian people, whom we deeply respect. My words are carefully measured and unambiguous.

HM the King also noted that "whenever Moroccans talk about that reality, the Moroccan government, political parties and the press are accused of attacking Algeria."

HM the King further pointed that although Morocco has neither oil nor gas, whereas Algeria has the 'greenback' which it believes can open the way for it to challenge legitimacy and what is right, Morocco has principles and the justness of its cause and, most of all, the love of Moroccans for their homeland and their attachment to it.

"Whoever thinks that the Sahara issue will be addressed through fabricated technical reports or vague recommendations that seek to reconcile the demands of all parties is wrong", the Sovereign underlined, before rejecting any comparison between the Sahara and Timor-Leste or some territorial disputes in Eastern Europe.

"Each issue has its own specific features and conditions. The bonds between the Saharan populations and Morocco are far from being recent. In fact, they are rooted in history", HM the King said.

After reiterating deep faith in "the justness of our cause", the Sovereign said he is certain "that what is right and legitimate will prevail over any separatist tendencies."

"We look forward, with hope and optimism, to the reunification of the sons of the Sahara in their homeland. I am confident they will be actively engaged in major new initiatives to promote development and offer a free, dignified life to all citizens, wherever they may be", HM the King pointed out.

"This would be the best token of loyalty to the architect of the Green March, my revered father His Majesty King Hassan II - may he rest in peace - and to all our honorable martyrs", said the Sovereign.