Human rights defenders in Geneva denouncing impunity rampant in the Tindouf camps

condemned by human rights defenders in a meeting in Geneva, on the sidelines of the meeting of the Human Rights Council, “the climate of impunity is rampant in the Tindouf camps” in southern Algeria.
And semi-these actors jurists, during this meeting, which dealt with “the rights of children and women in areas of conflict,” the fate of thousands of people in Africa Central who suffer from detention, repression and murder, with impunity for those responsible for the punishment, the fate of the Sahrawi Moroccans detained in the Tindouf camps in an atmosphere of intimidation and fear.
And denounced the militant phase previous to Cuba Ms. Saadani Maouelainin, which participated in this meeting, constantly silence on the crimes that are committed in the Tindouf camps.
She Maouelainin, which is also a member of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs, expressed regret for the circumstances very fragile in which they live, women and children in these camps, and those who fall prey to the various manifestations of suffering in tents decomposed, and that at a time when the southern provinces of the Kingdom of dynamic development and opening up what has been continued and consolidated day by day.
He had been deported Saadani Maouelainin, aged 36 years, to Cuba and age did not exceed five years, to spend there 17 years of her life. What’s more, the tragedy is the loss of her father, who died under torture after refusing to forced deportation to his daughter.Has undergone a large number of Sahrawi children to this sad denouement as forcibly uprooted from their parents and deported to Cuba by the leaders of the “Polisario”.
Saadani said “I chose my country after a long time spent Kmbadh,” confirmed their readiness to continue the movement in different parts of the world to condemn the malicious propaganda carried out by separatists.
It was during this meeting to highlight the worrying situation in which they live population areas of conflict, especially Central Africa, known tragedy requiring further attention by the United Nations and the international community.
In this regard, the president of communication in Africa and revive economic cooperation International Ms. Micheline Maku Djuma that “the time has come to put an end to the tragedy of the citizens of the Central African Republic at a time when we are witnessing deportation forced tens of thousands of them towards the countries of the region with what accompanied by risks of a food crisis” .