GENEVA-The Sahara conflict between Morocco and Algeria continues to claim victims: saharaouies women who are victims of “forced pregnancy” especially in the Tindouf camps located in southwest Algeria, learned


"Our sisters are delivered thank you to the separatist Polisario leaders who put them through the heinous crime of forced pregnancy", denounced Mahjouba Daoudi activist Human Rights and Chair of Women’s Forum for Development and Culture in Laayoune.


On the sidelines of the session of the Council of Human Rights being held in Geneva the humanitarian situation in the Tindouf camps was raised to help women living in these camps.


According to Ms. Daoudi, women are held “in the open air prison of Tindouf hardly receive a proper education and are often raped, silenced and separated from their children.”


Pending a policy that the Sahara conflict that poisons relations between Morocco and Algeria solution Tindouf camps remain a humanitarian issue Sahrawi where people live for decades.

Translated by PTID: Polisario Threat in the Desert