Laayoune: The disappointment is still valid for the pseudo Rasd paying, day after day for, the price of lies, torture, slavery, it tried for years to spread among the Sahrawis.

This is a new Saharawi family that decides to stay in the Motherland and leave the camp and mercenaires' Calvary led by the Polisario and orchestrated by Algeria. The  Ahl Deihane family, belonging to the  Chorafa Rguibat Lebeihat tribe  has a significant weight among in  both Morocco and in the Tindouf camps. 


It was in the framework of the exchange of visits between Saharawi families, a program overseen by the United Nations. Ahl Family Deihane explained that his choice to leave the camps of Tindouf came after several consultations with their families in Laayoune, the family gave them a welcome worthy of their return to the Motherland.