International Forum Stresses Pertinence of Autonomy as Solution to Western Sahara

International Forum Stresses Pertinence of Autonomy as Solution to Western Sahara

Participants at the international forum on the Sahara highlighted, on Wednesday in Laayoune, the pertinence of the autonomy initiative as a sound basis for resolving the artificial dispute over the Western Sahara.

The Forum’s final statement stresses the need for transcending the unfounded allegations of the polisario by adopting a realistic approach in favour of the autonomy initiative as a basis for a peaceful solution to the dispute over the Sahara.

The participants in the Forum, held under the theme: “the Sahara, 40 years on”, said that the autonomy proposal represents an opportunity for building a better future for the people held against their will in the polisario-administered camps of Tindouf (south-western Algeria).

They also highlighted the international endorsement of Morocco’s autonomy proposal which has been hailed for its credibility.

The participants laid emphasis on the large-scale investment projects in the southern provinces which further evidences Morocco’s commitment to modernising the region.

They also highlighted the importance of the participatory approach adopted by Morocco in managing public affairs in the southern provinces through collective management structures.

On this occasion, they called on the international community to interfere in breaking the seige imposed on the afflicted population in the camps of Tindouf while deploring that serious human rights violations continue to be inflicted in total impunity in the camps.

The forum was an opportunity to shed light on a range of themes including the Sahara before 1976 and the autonomy from a point of view of international law.