UN Involvement Cannot Be Conceived But in Terms of Neutrality,  Says Edward Gabriel

The UN involvement in the process of settling the Sahara issue, on the basis of a final political settlement, can only be conceived in terms of neutrality and impartiality, former US ambassador Edward Gabriel said Thursday.
Commenting the phone call between HM King Mohammed VI and UN Secretary General, Gabriel underlined that "Ban Ki-moon stressed the urgent need for MINURSO to continue its mission in strict compliance with its current mandate", recalling that the security Council had repeatedly deemed the autonomy plan for the Sahara under Moroccan sovereignty, serious credible and realistic.
"This is a clear indication for the MINURSO to continue its mission by strictly abiding to its current mandate", the former US diplomat noted, stigmatizing the various attempts that vainly sought to derail the UN process of its trajectory.
He said that during this phone call, the UN Secretary General hailed the important and constructive engagement of Morocco to support the UN agenda in peacekeeping, as well as in achieving the UN priorities, including those related to the Millennium Development Goals.