Italian Senators Plead for Autonomy in Western Sahara

A number of Italian senators have urged their government to endeavor within international organizations for a political settlement of the Western Sahara conflict and to support the will for autonomy and not the separatist thesis.

The senators have recently tabled before the Senate a motion calling on Italy, which is holding the rotating presidency of the European Union (EU), to exert efforts within international bodies in order to find a political solution to the Sahara issue while taking into account the efforts made so far.
They called for a concerted action between Italy and its other European partners as well as the European Union institutions for any useful diplomatic initiative likely to speed up the settlement process of this conflict, taking into account Morocco’s goodwill. The motion signatories called the Italian government to encourage “the will for autonomy”” and not ”the separatist thesis” advocated by the Polisario at the instigation of the Algerian regime. They underscored the importance of a sustainable peace in the whole Mediterranean, where Morocco is an indispensable partner for Italy.
Recalling that the Sahara issue is in the hands of the UN, the Italian senators pointed out that in the context of the implementation of the resolutions and directives of the Security Council, Morocco has presented a proposal to grant an autonomy status to the Sahara region.
Such an approach, they explained, will enable the local population to independently manage the territory’s administration, budget and economy while sharing certain powers with the central government, as is the case in all modern parliamentary democracies.
The Italian senators expect, through their motion, to prompt their country and current chairman of the EU to play an efficient role in pushing forward the settlement process of the Sahara conflict, which is negatively impacting relations between the European Union and all the other countries bordering on the Mediterranean.