Horst Köhler

The UN Security Council will hold a session on Wednesday, 21st of March, devoted to the Sahara issue.


The meeting will be held in a closed session, with two briefings : The first one will be written by Horst Köhler, recalling the meetings he held with the various parties related to the file, while the second briefing will cover the signature of the new MINURSO’s head, Colin Stewart.


The German envoy, before travelling to New York, visited Stockholm where he met with Margot Elisabeth Wallström is a Swedish Social Democratic politician and has served as Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Nordic Cooperation since October 2014. The Swedish senior official is also a non-permanent member of the Security Council.

Köhler's remarks on Wednesday will certainly affect the drafting of the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres' report on Western Sahara to be made public in April.