The historic speech delivered by King Mohammed VI before the Morocco-GCC Summit clearly defines the desired vision for the Moroccan diplomacy, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mbarka Bouaida, said Tuesday in Rabat.


This vision takes into account the traditional partnerships of Morocco, which remains free to choose to diversify and expand cooperation with other countries of the world, Bouaida said during a meeting, held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cooperation on the national day of Moroccan diplomacy, coinciding this year with the 60th anniversary of the creation of this department.


The Morocco-GCC Summit comes to reinforce the solid foundations of a strategic partnership with Arab Gulf countries, based on a successful process of cooperation at the bilateral level, she added, noting that partnership between Morocco and these countries “is not the fruit of particular interests or ephemeral calculations. It draws its strength from the sincere faith in the common destiny and convergence of views on our common causes,” as the King stressed in his speech.


For Bouaida, there is a need to give impetus to this partnership, which has reached such maturity that we shall develop its institutional framework and operational mechanisms, recalling the visit of the Sovereign to Russia last month, a visit which helped raise bilateral relations to the level of a comprehensive strategic partnership.