Lucía Jiménez with King Felipe.

The president of Acavite, Lucía Jiménez, reminded the monarch that the victims of attacks in the Sahara are still not receiving the promised aid

King Felipe VI has received Monday the Canary Association of Victims of Terrorism Acavite, during the Award Ceremony for Human Rights Adolfo Suárez, awarded by the Victims Foundation, held at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.


During the event, the King was interested in knowing first-hand from Lucía Jiménez, president of Acavite, aspects and important issues, still unsolved, for the widows and orphans of these attacks, as is the case of some victims of the terrorism that worked in the former public phosphate company Fos Bucraa, in the Spanish colony of Sahara (and that belonged to the National Institute of Industry, INI).


In this sense, both Spain and Morocco, at that time, had an agreement on security, protection and aid of all kinds, for qualified Spanish workers and their immediate families affected by the attacks committed by the Polisario Front, which occurred in the phosphate conveyor belt, in El Aaiún from 1974 to 1977, according to Acavite.


According to the Association and unfortunately, this aid promised to the families never materialized by the actors and the company involved, respectively, despite the damage caused to Spanish civilians.


In this regard, the victims and families of Acavite expect as soon as possible that the high institutions of the State, the central Government, the Canarian Executive as well as the Minister of the Interior, Juan Ignacio Zoido, fulfill their promises to honor, repair and restore the aid of all types, and retroactively, to the victims of island terrorism.