King Mohamed VI: No Bargaining on the Moroccan Unity

On Thursday November 6, 2014, King Mohamed VI of Morocco delivered a speech to the nation in commemoration of the 39th anniversary of the Green March.

King Mohamed VI's tone was very straightforward and stressed that there are no degrees in nationalism, nor treason. A person is either a national or a traitor.

He also emphasized that the country can be forgiving and merciful, and will remain so, but only once for those who repented and returned to their senses.

If one indulges in treason, all national and international laws state clearly that conspiring with the enemy is considered "high treason."

His Majesty acknowledged that a person can make mistakes, but treason and betrayal are not forgivable acts. He added, "Morocco was never, and will never be a plant for those who seek treason's martyrdom."

The Moroccan Monarch highlighted that Morocco possesses its own transparent mechanisms and institutions, which earned an international credibility to address all human rights-related issues.

According to King Mohamed VI, Morocco is the only country in the region that cooperates with the special mechanisms of the United Nations Human Rights Council, highlighting the willingness of Morocco for more openness on different bodies and international human rights organizations, which rely impartiality and objectivity in dealing with their issues.

He also stressed, in this regard, that Morocco rejects any policy lessening its initiatives, and amplify the events occurring in the Southern Provinces, compared to the silence and complicity, towards what is located in Tindouf and in some neighboring countries.

King Mohamed VI stressed that he is committed to providing a decent living for Moroccans, second only to his commitment to ensure public security and safety of citizens, in the framework of the rule of law.

King Mohamed VI also stated that there will be no solution to the issue of Sahara without holding Algeria to its share of responsibility as it is a vital party in this conflict, highlighting that this does not mean and insult or abuse of Algeria, its leadership or people, for whom "we have the utmost respect."

The Moroccan speech has always been clear. However, it is always taken out of context whenever Moroccan political institutions, political parties or press include Algeria's role in the conflict and have been accused of launching an unjustifiable attack on it.

He also stressed that, anyone who tries to compare the issue of Sahara to East Timor or any other territorial disputes in Eastern Europe is mistaken because of the specificities of each case. The strong ties of Sahraouis to Morocco are rooted in history, and are not a new phenomenon as many might think.

His Majesty concluded his speech by emphasizing that Morocco believes in the justice of its cause, and it will be triumphant against those calling for separation.

The Kingdom is determined to accomplish its ultimate mission to unite those held in camps in Tindouf with their relatives in the Southern Territories, and the country is willing to engage in new marches to promote development in those territories and provide a dignified life for all citizens, regardless of the region they are in.