King Mohammed VI: Algeria Has Oil, Morocco Has its Values, Justness of its Cause

King Mohammed VI of Morocco accuse Algeria of being the main obstacle to reaching a political and mutually acceptable solution to the conflict over “Western Sahara”.

In an unprecedented speech delivered on the occasion of the 39th anniversary of the Green March, King Mohammed VI said that Algeria is responsible for hindering the process of finding a mutual and ever-lasting solution to the Sahara conflict.

“Unless Algeria – the main party in this conflict – is held accountable, there will be no solution. Moreover, without a responsible approach to the tense security situation in the region, there will be no stability,” stressed the king.

The monarch mentioned the fact that the Moroccan government, political parties and the press are always accused of attacking neighboring Algeria whenever the reality on the ground is being discussed.

“This is not intended to offend Algeria, its leadership or the Algerian people, whom we deeply respect. My words are carefully measured and unambiguous. I am talking about facts and a reality everyone knows about,” the king highlighted.

The king added that while Algeria tend to use its own special ‘tactics’ in order to abort any attempt to find an ever-lasting solution to the made-up conflict, Moroccans have only the justness of their cause.

“Morocco has neither oil nor gas, whereas the other party has the ‘greenback’ which it believes can open the way for it to challenge legitimacy and what is right. What we have are our principles and the justness of our cause. In fact, we have more than that: the love of Moroccans for their homeland and their attachment to it,” the king emphasized.