Morocco’s King Mohammed VI is set to arrive in Laâyoune this week on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Green March, where he is expected to announce the launch of a MAD 140 billion project in the so-called Western Sahara region, according to Akhbar Al Youm.

The Moroccan King had previously announced his decision to share unpublished news and upcoming plans regarding the Sahara.

The monarch will visit Morocco’s southern provinces under high security measures led by Minister Delegate for the Interior, Draiss Charki, who is already in the Sahara preparing for the King’s arrival.

Former ministers and members of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs (CORCAS) confirmed the sovereign’s visit, according to the same source.

“Everything is in place for this royal visit. The city of Laâyoune is ready,” according to the same source.

King Mohammed VI will deliver the speech of the Green March from Laayoune and launch the second installment of the Sahara development plan.

“A budget of MAD 140 billion will be made available to the plan in a special account,” the same source added.

New structural projects for the city of Laâyoune will also be inaugurated during King Mohammed VI’s visit.

The new infrastructures will include: a bus station, a phosphate training college, a theater, sports complex, new headquarters of the southern provinces agency, and the Princess Lalla Salma university health center, the same source added.

Morocco’s 40th Anniversary of the Green March will also be commemorated with a gala football match for charity, in which some of the world’s most renowned football legends will participate.