Laayoune: Polisario Resorts to same propaganda to Dupe Ross and International Public Opinion

As in previous occasions, the Polisario seized the opportunity of the visit of the United Nations Secretary General’s Personal Envoy, Christopher Ross, to the Sahara to attempt to put the region ablaze and make a case against Morocco and portray it as country that violates the human rights of the Saharawi population.

The Polisario propaganda machine was quoted by AFP as saying that “Sahrawi citizens, women and men, went out of their homes in spite of intimidations and prohibitions and they confronted the Moroccan security forces to assert their right to free expression and to independence.”

To make its case even stronger, it added “many” people were injured in the clashes on Thursday in several districts, but without giving any more details about the numbers of those “detained.”

“The fact that Polisario talks about a number of “detainees”, without specifying this number, shows the shallowness of its claims and its lack of credibility,” a Saharawi activist told MWN.

People well acquainted with the issue of the Sahara in Laayoune told MWN that they have been “used to such explosion of violent events created by the Polisario and its follower” in the region whenever foreign human rights organizations or U.N officials come to the region.

Mr. Brahim Oubouhouch, the director of Al Mijhar Assiassi, a national newspaper that is published from Laayoune, explained to MWN that “this is an old trick that the Polisario and it supporters have always used as a propaganda and tactic to attract the attention of international NGOs and the international public opinion to their usual claim of “the violations of international law and human rights by Moroccan authorities in the Sahara.”

Mr. Oubouhouch clarified that the main objective behind the last events in Laayoune, while the U.N Envoy is carrying out his first visit to the region, is “to entrap the Moroccan authorities and pave the way for the leaders of Polisario to discuss with Ross Morocco’s alleged overuse of violence and torture against the Sahrawis and to portray it a country that “systematically violates the human rights of the Saharawi population”’. But,’ this scenario is not going to work this time’ , he added.

By resorting to this tactic, he added, ‘they will try to deviate the attention of the UN envoy from other sensitive issues for the Polisario, such as the census of the population living in the Tindouf camps, the questions of the embezzlement of humanitarian assistance and the fate of Mustapha Salma Oueld Sidi Mouloud.”

He went to say that the Moroccan authorities this time seemed to have learned from their past blunders and have been resilient enough not to allow the Polisario to make a case of violations of human rights against them.