Leaked document shows Algeria is behind protests in the Sahara: source

In a letter sent to sent by Mohammed Mharese Lamari, president of the” Algerian National Committee for Solidarity with the Saharawi People”, to Brahim Ghali, Ambassador of the self-proclaimed Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, known by its French acronym as RASD, to Algeria, he states that the Algerian government has decided to grant the amount of money required by the Polisario in order to “support the campaign of protests that will be organized in the coming weeks,” by what the letter calls as the “Saharawi resistant”.


On Monday, Morocco accused Algeria of being behind the protests that erupted in Layoune last week, following the adoption of the Security Council of resolution 2099, which extended the UN Mission in the Sahara, known by its French acronym as MINURSO, until April 30, 2014.


In a press conference the same day, Khalil Eddakhil, mayor of Laayoune, said that Algeria and Polisario plan to sow the seeds of discord and anarchy in the Moroccan Sahara by “inciting minors to engage in clashes with Moroccan security forces to promote the claim that Morocco does not respect human rights.”


He went on to say that “there is information indicating that a number young men benefit from training in the Tindouf camps (of Polisario in the Algerian territory) and then infiltrate Morocco’s southern provinces to carry out acts of sabotage.”