The group “Law and Justice” is launching a new program, “Legal Aid for Refugees in Morocco,” offering legal aid and representation to immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in Morocco. The effective start of the program, initiated with the support of the Euro-Mediterranean Foundation of Support of Human Rights Defenders, is expected for the beginning of August.

 “This program is the first of its kind in Morocco offering legal assistance to those seeking refugee status. The program was created to respond to an important need demonstrated by those who have fled persecution and armed conflicts in their home countries,” according to a statement of the association. To this end, the NGO will create a network of volunteer lawyers specializing in refugee rights. In total, more than 20 member lawyers will receive free training in this field. “The program will last twelve months. Of course, that is not enough time to achieve our goals. But, the funders and organizers of the project have promised their support to lengthen the program,” explains Sofia Rais, Executive Director of “Law and Justice.”