Laayoune - The criminal chamber of the court of appeal on Wednesday decided to release on bail six defendants prosecuted for alleged involvement in looting acts in the city of Laayoune last May 04.

The case will be re-examined on October 30. The six defendants are facing charges of "armed gathering, violence against law-enforcement agents, obstructing traffic and destroying public properties". 


Several law-enforcement agents had been wounded in the looting acts that also destroyed public and private property.


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  • anon
    Lemrabat Lahrizi (not verified)

    His Majesty's Government under the presidency of Mr Abdilah Benkirane, was right to reject the proposal.
    We can see clearly today how free-lateral elements can become Terrorists with the aid of policies that enable them to commit acts of vandalism on the scale of Terrorism, rather than exercise their human rights. The right to free-speech must never be substituted by the right to burn tires cars and houses. This is the mistake the Moroccan government has avoided, and thank GOD it did.

    Suffice to say, burning homes and injuring police officers, does not require more human rights, but not even animal rights.
    Words, spoken or written, can be enough to dissent from the majority opinion. Moroccans want their Kingdom to remain UNITED, so if one is not a foreigner and can prove he/she is from Morocco, and want to separate from Morocco, one must be part of a Majority opinion to do so.

    The Minority must have its rights protected, but not be anointed superhuman rights or exclusive Dictatorial Powers.

    So some point if becomes clear that the debate is between a side that wants CIVILIZATION to Triumph (United Moroccan Kingdom) and a Separatist group of individuals that resort to TERRORISM as a method to Terrorize the Majority into giving up to their Separatist demands.

    If we must lose a fight, let us lose fighting and not conceding points to those who will impose on us Superhuman Rights for Terrorists. We have the right to defend our constitution our United Morocco.

    We ought to be talking about liberating 6 million Moroccans living under the occupation of Algerian Military in the Eastern Desert of Colum Bashar and Tindouf.

    Freedom for 6 million Law abiding Moroccans and not for Polisario Terrorists.
    We are partners in this world, we hold our end of the deal. It's the other side who has killed innocent Hostages in "IN-AMINAS"

    Watch these two Documentaries:
    1. STOLEN
    ..before siding with the Algerian Government.

    * Know your ally before taking a bribe from em

    THINK First!

    Oct 26, 2013