Mediation crucial before, during and after conflicts to consolidate peace, FM

Foreign Minister Saad Dine El Otmani said on Wednesday in The Hague that mediation in the conflict resolution process should be part of peace consolidation.


Mediation is required before, during and after the conflict to prevent further escalation, and strengthen understanding between the parties involved, said Mr. El Otmani who was speaking at a ministerial meeting on the promotion of peaceful resolution of disputes between countries.


The minister  who was answering a question about the political situation in Egypt and Libya, during a panel discussion on mediation, said that even after conflicts end. mediation remains crucial for the consolidation of peace and it gives hope to people, adding that Libya still needs the support of the international community to build its institutions.


The conference is part of the centennial celebration of “the Peace Palace”, which kicked off Wednesday at the Palace in the presence of the King of the Netherlands, Willem -Alexander and Secretary General United Nations, Ban Ki -Moon. The event discussed the various legal and political forms for the settlement of disputes in accordance with the UN Charter.


The speakers at the meeting, including diplomats, experts and politicians stressed the need to promote the various legal tools for conflict resolution including mediation, arbitration, and the strengthening of international institutions which facilitate the use of these tools.