Minister Says Western Sahara is Moroccan ‘Legally, Historically, Culturally’

Morocco is positively interacting and is supportive of UN initiatives for a settlement of the artificial dispute over the Western Sahara, said communication minister, government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi, underlining that for Morocco, the Western Sahara’s Moroccanness is crystal clear legally, historically and culturally.

“Morocco submitted a project for a political settlement of this conflict, which consists of a plan granting the southern provinces a status of autonomy under the Moroccan sovereignty,” El Khalfi told, adding that this plan was favorably welcomed internationally, mainly the stand reiterated by the United States.

The minister recalled that 30 countries have already withdrawn their recognition of the fake SADR (Saharaui Republic) entity.

He added that Morocco opted for a project of extensive regionalization as a starting point to move ahead with this settlement process.

On the referendum option, he recalled that the UN had announced, ten years ago, the failure of this option after receiving around 131,000 application contesting the first list.

The official underlined that the foes of Morocco’s territorial integrity refuse to implement the UN decision on conducting a census of populations in the Tindouf camps while international reports are uncovering grave human rights abuses in these camps, especially slavery practices.

Referring to the closure of borders with Algeria, the minister highlighted Morocco’s clear stance on responding to the aspirations of Maghreb peoples to build a real unity based on cooperation and shared future.