Montreal: NGOs Call on Algeria to 'Shoulder responsibility' to Solve Sahara Issue

A group of Moroccan and African NGOs called, Thursday in Montreal, on Algeria to "shoulder responsibility" and "to engage in a constructive dialogue" to find a solution to the Sahara issue.


"We call on Algeria, a country that is seen as an obstacle to the construction of the Great Maghreb and directly responsible for the Sahara conflict, to shoulder responsibility and to engage fully in a process of constructive and fruitful dialogue with Morocco to solve the conflict to achieve peace for the Maghreb and African peoples," said a document of the NGOs, distributed on the occasion of the 12th World Social Forum.


The NGOs also noted that "in North Africa, the Algerian regime has chosen to arm the polisario front to destabilize the unity of Morocco and of all African peoples."


They also called for setting up a global civil alliance of peace to uphold the sovereignty of the people and to combat humanity's crimes, perpetrated by radical extremists.