Moroccan army shoots sead one person In Polisario occupied area

The Moroccan military released a communiqué saying that 2 Moroccan soldiers believe they shot 1 person dead 150 meters beyond the Border Wall, in the Polisario occupied area.


According to said communiqué, the shooting took place between 11 pm and midnight last Saturday.


The decision was taken by the two Moroccan soldiers in the wake of the ongoing rise in the region of smuggling operations and terrorism, especially given that some terrorists try to infiltrate Morocco through the wall, for prospective terrorist operations in the kingdom.


According to the Moroccan military, as soon as dawn unfolded, 4 camels were also found dead 150 meters away from the wall.


The 4 camels may have been used probably for smuggling operations.


The Moroccan military reported the incident to the MINURSO (United Nations Mission in the Sahara)