Moroccan Political Parties Head to Sweden Over Western Sahara

Moroccan Political Parties Head to Sweden Over Western Sahara

Abdel Ilah Benkirane, Morocco’s Head of Government, held a meeting on Monday in Rabat with the Moroccan political party leaders to discuss the Swedish move.

The political party leaders stressed on the need to intensify efforts through parallel diplomacy, and decided to pay a working visit to Sweden.

The political leaders of both the government and opposition in addition to the Unified Socialist Left Party are heading in the upcoming days to Sweden to clarify Morocco’s Autonomy Plan for the Western Sahara

The Head of Government briefed the Moroccan political party leaders on the developments of the territorial dispute, stressing on the need for a national mobilization.

Benkirane said that his government will lead a large-scale campaign to put pressure on Sweden to renounce its decision, which he described as “irresponsible”.

Early this month, the Swedish Social Democratic Party submitted to the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag) a draft bill calling for granting a diplomatic status to the Polisario Front representation in Stockholm.

Stefan Löfven, Swedish Prime Minister, who said he is studying ways to find a peaceful and lasting solution to the Western Sahara conflict, highlighted his country’s position of “supporting the right of the Saharawi people in self-determination.”