Morocco called on the United Nations and its various bodies to integrate the protection and the promotion of Kabyle people’s rights in their agendas in accordance with the UN Charter and relevant UN instruments and declarations.

This statement before the third Committee of the UN General Assembly comes following a new statement made by the Algerian delegation on the so-called Western Sahara conflict, while it is not on the agenda of the committee.

Omar Rabi, Adviser to the kingdom’s Mission in the United Nations, underlined that the United Nations “should not become accomplice of the silence imposed to this martyred people.”

“The international community should bring out the voices of more than eight million Kabyles too long kept in silence and invisibility, so as to collapse the wall of intolerance and the denial of their legitimate aspirations”, he stressed.

The Moroccan diplomat also said that it is deeply regrettable that the Kabyle people remains the “only indigenous people in Africa to be subjected to systematic discrimination, widespread violence and deprivation of their most basic rights.”