The Kingdom of Morocco has decided to break off its relations with Iran because of the military support of its ally the Hezbollah movement for the "polisario", announced Tuesday minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Nasser Bourita.

"I have just returned from Tehran where I had a meeting with Iranian Foreign minister Jawad Darif. I informed him of the decision of the Kingdom of Morocco to break off diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran," Bourita said during a meeting with representatives of the national and foreign press in Rabat.


"The ambassador of HM the King in Tehran left Iran today and I will receive the chargé d'affaires of the Iranian embassy in 30 minutes to ask him to leave the Kingdom of Morocco without delay," added the minister.


This decision is a reaction to a confirmed involvement of Iran through Hezbollah in an alliance with the "polisario" against national security and the higher interests of the Kingdom of Morocco, stressed Bourita.


Morocco has irrefutable evidence, identified names and specific facts that corroborate this connivance between the "polisario" and Hezbollah against the higher interests of Morocco, he noted.