Morocco on Friday denounced the involvement of “Polisario” in drug trafficking and illegal activities in the region.

Speaking at a debate dedicated to international drug control, crime prevention and criminal justice at the 3rd Committee of the UN General Assembly Morocco’s Delegate, Omar Rabi recalled the recent dismantling of an international drug trafficking network with links with the “Polisario”.

During this operation, four elements of the “Polisario” were arrested, including the son of the so-called “development minister” of “SADR”, and 500 kg of drugs were seized, the diplomat recalled.

“This demonstrates the involvement of Polisario officials in drug trafficking”, he underlined.

Rabi also noted that the four men recognized that they acted within the framework of a large international narcotics trafficking network, organized into several specialized cells between Morocco, Mauritania (via the buffer zone), Mali and Tindouf camps.

“This shows the existence of proven links between drug traffickers of the Polisario and terrorist groups in northern Mali”, he said.