Despite closed borders between Morocco and Algeria, trade relations between the two countries remain at the correct level. Morocco is, in fact, the first customer and fourth Arab supplier to Algeria.

In 2012, in fact, Algeria exported $ 1.97 billion to the kingdom. Morocco is closely followed by Tunisia with $ 1 billion, Egypt (876, 510, 000), Iraq (783,200,00) and Mauritania (61.07 million), according to figures of the National Customs published on Tuesday 19 February, via  the official Algerian APS agency. 

The main products exported by Algeria are food (dates, sugar, sunflower oil, vegetables), energy and lubricants, rolled products, tires, carboys, bottles, flasks and similar articles .. 

Regarding imports, Morocco is the fourth largest Arab supplier of Algeria (281.77 million U.S. dollars), preceded by Saudi Arabia (467.2 million dollars), Tunisia (407 ,750, 000 to dollars), and Egypt (380.56 million dollars), and the United Arab Emirates followed with 259.57 million dollars. 

The main products imported by Algeria in these countries are drugs, light oils, coppe wire, iron bars and  electrical conductors .