Morocco hails Russia position about Western Sahara issue

Morocco hails Russia position about Western Sahara issue

Morocco’s ambassador to Moscow Abdelkader Lachhab described, on Thursday, Russia’s stand regarding the “Western Sahara” issue as “a wise position” that favors a political, mutually acceptable solution to the conflict.

Speaking to Russian news agency Spoutnik, Lachhab pointed to the regional character of the artificial dispute over the Sahara which “results in the interference of regional players in the internal affairs of Morocco with the aim of achieving hegemony in the region.”

The Moroccan Ambassador shed light on Morocco’s efforts to put an end to the dispute, notably through the autonomy initiative which “offers a political, lasting and just solution,” recalling that the autonomy plan was welcomed by the international community as a “serious and credible” proposal.

Lachhab deplored that the other parties continue to stick to “obsolete and unrealistic options in opposition to UN resolutions.”

In this regard, he decried that the population in the camps of Tindouf in southern Algeria continue to “be held by the Polisario militias against their will deprived of basic living conditions.”

The Moroccan diplomat pointed to the “violation” of UN resolutions by the Polisario and its mentor, Algeria, who continue to obstruct the conduct of a census of the population held in these camps so that they continue inflating the numbers to take advantage of international humanitarian aid that they embezzle.

The fraudulent practices and the embezzlement of international humanitarian aid was recently denounced by several NGOs who warned of that the Polisario leadership enrich themselves by trading in the suffering of the camps’ population, he said.

On bilateral relations with Russia, the Ambassador recalled the strategic partnership binding the two countries since 2002, noting economic ties are steadily growing notably during the last two years.