Omar Hilale, Morocco’s permanent representative to the United Nations, thanked Spain, France and other allies on Friday for their contributions in helping the kingdom pass a resolution dictating the objectives for the U.N.-affiliated peacekeeping mission in the Western Sahara, known as MINURSO, for the next year. 


In contrast, Hilale expressed his regrets that the United States, the country tasked with writing resolutions related to the Western Sahara, included, in the first draft of the resolution, a clause authorizing the Security Council to carry out necessary “penalties and sanctions” if Morocco failed to comply with the repatriation of MINURSO after a period of sixty days after the passing of the resolution, numbered 2285.


Morocco expelled MINURSO from the mission’s home offices in Laayoune and Dakhla as a political response to Ban Ki-moon’s statement last month referring to the kingdom’s presence in Western Sahara as an “occupation.”


The final version of the resolution approved on Friday asked the evicted peacekeeping mission “to exercise its work completely” and added that the Security Council would consider “how best to facilitate the achievement of that goal.”


In response to the United States’ addition of the punitive measures, the foreign ministry said in a statement that it “regrets the fact that the member of the Security Council responsible for drafting and submission the first draft of the decision included statements that constrain and weaken Morocco, which acts against the spirit of its partnership with the kingdom.”


Hilale said he “deeply” appreciates the work of the delegations from France, Spain, Senegal, Egypt and other countries for their support in reaching “a final version of the resolution, and restore the balance by addressing the excesses of others.”


According to the ministry, Morocco will “continue, the in the framework of full respect for the decisions taken, the dialogue in order to reach a calendar of solutions…to ensure the smooth running of MINURSO, especially in the essential task of monitoring the ceasefire and demining in the buffer zone in east.”


 “Morocco has a strong right to assure its national unity and cohesion of its Homefront and will continue in good faith and determination, its involvement in the political process for the settlement of this artificial regional dispute,” the ministry said.