Mohammed Grine, a member of the political bureau of the Party of Progress and Socialism (PPS), believes that Morocco should react strongly to the European Court of Justice’s (EJC) ruling, which annulled part of the agricultural trade agreement between Morocco and the EU.

Grine, whose political party is part of the PJD-led coalition government, submitted a statement to Morocco World News offering his views on the ECJ’s verdict. The Moroccan politician said the EU’s ruling is unacceptable because the reason given for annulling the agreement was unfounded.

“The decision of the European Court of Justice to cancel part of the Agriculture Agreement is unacceptable for us Moroccans, especially because it is based on a pretext that could be used by everyone and for any topic, namely “not checking if the exploitation of natural resources in our Saharan provinces was done or not for the benefit of the local people!,” Grine said.

On Thursday, the ECJ said that when signing the 2012 trade agreement with Morocco, the EU did not verify whether the population of the so-called Western Sahara would benefit from Rabat’s exploitation of natural resources.

According to Grine, the “European Union should not endorse such a decision.” He added that the Moroccan government must react with firmness to condemn the ruling, reject it, and instead strengthening the cooperation between Morocco and the EU.

“Moroccan public opinion is waiting for a very strong reaction from the Moroccan authorities against this decision, which goes against the current requirements of the present situation facing the Euro-Mediterranean region and requires, rather, a strengthening of the cooperative relations between EU and Morocco, in all areas of economy, trade and security,” the PPS politician expressed.

Grine believes that this verdict undermines the territorial integrity of Morocco and he called upon all Moroccans, including officials, diplomats, and civilians from all walks of life to mobilize and stay vigilant to protect the country.

“This decision, which was perceived by Moroccan citizens as a kind of ‘provocation,’ reminds us that the fight for the completion of our territorial integrity and the defense of our national sovereignty, require constant vigilance and mobilization,” Grine stressed.

The Moroccan politician concluded his statement warning Moroccans that the Polisario will attempt to strike harder as the organization “loses its credibility” on the international level.

“As the credibility of the separatist movement is losing steam, the opponents of the territorial integrity [of Morocco] and their base will multiply their initiatives,” he asserted.