Morocco Slams Algeria’s ‘Blatant Involvement’ in Western Sahara Dispute

Morocco on Wednesday condemned the “blatant involvement” and “biased attitude” of Algeria in the Western Sahara issue, in flat contradiction with its observer status.

“The international community is fully informed of the true geopolitical reasons that motivate Algeria in its approach to the Moroccan Sahara before this Council,” chargé d’affaires of Morocco in Geneva Hassan Boukili said before the UN Human Rights Council in a reaction to the statement of the Algerian ambassador in which he accused Morocco of human rights violations in its southern provinces.

Boukili recalled that Algiers has been involved, since 1975, militarily, politically, diplomatically and financially in this artificial dispute, noting that “its rhetoric on human rights in the Moroccan Sahara is fundamentally political.”

He said that “Algeria’s obsession on Morocco and its Sahara results from its chronic complexes with regard to the kingdom, the authenticity of its history and its secular institutions, the pioneering nature of its democratic reforms, stability and national unity, and above all its strong autonomy initiative for the Sahara.”

“This is the true capital of the historical and strategic leadership of Morocco that the political propaganda of Algeria and its gas contracts and arms cannot challenge,” he underlined.