Morocco to Spend MAD 3 Billion in the Purchase of 150 US Armored Tanks

As part of the USA-Morocco program on Foreign Military Sales, Morocco will sign the second phase of the contract next Thursday with US Company “General Dynamics Land Systems” (GDLS) to purchase 150 armored tanks.

According to a joint statement by General Dynamics Land Systems, the armored vehicle manufacturer, and the US Department of Defense, the Kingdom will commit to investing MAD 3 billion (US $358 million) in the acquisition of 150 US tanks to complete the ‘200 armored vehicle’ agreement between both countries.

General Dynamics Land Systems will reportedly renovate and upgrade the “Abrams M1A1” tanks at their Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (JSMC) in Lima, Peru, to be completed by February 28, 2018. The plant is a US Government-owned contractor-operated facility (GOCO).

Last August, Morocco purchased the first 50 military tanks that are being worked on to update their configuration at the JSMC Lima Tank Plant, scheduled for completion by November 30, 2016.

The Ohio-built tanks will be allegedly enhanced to modernize Morocco’s tank fleet and improve its ability to meet current and future threats.

Following the signing of the first phase of the contract, Salim Belmeziane, a Moroccan strategy expert stated: “This deal is expected to create a balance in the body of maneuvers of Morocco and its neighboring Algeria, which acquired advanced tanks from Russia.”

Upon the delivery of the “Abrams M1A1” tanks, Morocco will join Egypt in becoming the only two African countries to possess this type of military vehicles.