Morocco Turns Southern Provinces into Sustainable Development Model: International Expert

New York – Morocco has turned southern provinces into a model of sustainable development, based on a fresh and innovative approach to integrated global development, French economist Henri-Louis Vedie said Thursday in New York.

During a panel discussion on the occasion of the publication of the English version of his book “Emergence and Global Development: will stronger than crises,” Vedie said that Morocco “has made considerable efforts in terms of public investments in the southern provinces.”

The credit for Morocco is “all the more that it has to build and invent everything from scratch to address the environmental hazards of the southern provinces such as heat, wind and desert.”

“We will better evaluate the progress made if we remember the state of these provinces after the Green March: No water, no electricity, no communication infrastructure. Everything had to be done,” he said.

Thanks to the visionary prospects of King Mohammed VI, Morocco has managed to devise an original and innovative model of global development based on human development, through the Initiative Nationale pour le Développement Humain (INDH) and renewable energy.

The expert also refuted the allegations according to which Morocco exploit the natural resources of the so-called Western Sahara.

“I am always surprised when I read these allegations,” the French economy professor said.

“One has to be blind not to see the reality on the ground and to turn a blind eye to the tremendous efforts that Morocco made for four decades to build new full-fledged cities out of nothing,” he added.