Morocco's participation in the meeting on the security situation in Libya

The Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Ms. Mbarka Bouaida, participated, on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014, in Washington, in the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Maghreb countries with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East, Anne Patterson, dedicated to the security situation in Libya.

During this meeting, the Minister Delegate stressed that the Kingdom of Morocco has always pleaded for the respect of the unity of Libya, its sovereignty, the security of its territory and called for an end of violence, while urging all parties and political actors in the country to solve their conflicts through dialogue.

Ms. Bouaida also said that Morocco has, from the onset of the crisis, adopted a clear and constant position, in an active and responsible manner, concerning the development of the situation in this Magreban country.

Ms. Bouaida stated that the Kingdom follows the evolution of the situation in Libya which is undergoing a political and security crisis. She, in this context, recalled Morocco's support for the Libyan people and stressed the need to preserve Libya’s national unity and territorial integrity, calling for dialogue to overcome this phase.

In the same way, the Minister Delegate stressed the need for the participation of Arab, African and Mediterranean neighbouring countries as well as the international community in meetings and conferences dealing with the Libyan issue, as they remain parties which are directly concerned by the stability of the situation in Libya and affected by its repercussions.

Ms. Bouaida also reaffirmed Morocco’s readiness to provide assistance to Libya, to put its experiences and expertise at the disposal of this country and to support its efforts for the re-establishment of security, the consolidation of the transitional justice, the building of State institutions and the reinforcement of the Maghreb integration, in favour of the peoples of the Maghreb.